Sarah Alexander Culton, EdD

Wife, Mother, Teacher, Counselor, and Author

Born November 12, 1927 in Burwell, NE; died September 2, 2013 in Colville, WA.

Survived by her husband of 64 years, Verlen Ross Culton; her son James V. Culton and his wife Dayona and children Skyler and Tayler; daughter Sue C. Kahle and her husband Ronald and children Nicholas and Pearl; sister Lula Schroder; and many nieces and nephews from both sides of her family.

Sarah devoted her life to education and the advancement of youth. She began teaching in Potlatch, ID, in 1946 at the young age of 19. She continued her public school teaching in Kennewick and Northport, WA and later was a college professor at Lewis-Clark U. of Idaho, North Idaho Junior College, and Spokane Falls Community College. Following her teaching career, Sarah was a school psychologist and counselor in Northport, WA and mostly recently, in Soda Springs, ID.

After retirement, Sarah began researching and documenting her beloved Scotch-Irish Alexander Family History and published a book by the same name in 2002. Her research continues to be available at her website, Her hobbies and interests included local and foreign travel, photography, genealogy, and writing.

Sarah’s family gratefully acknowledges the compassionate and professional staff of Hospice of Spokane and Parkview Assisted Living in Colville, WA. Memorial gathering will be held on Saturday September 7, 2013 at 2:00 PM at Parkview, 240 Silke Rd., Colville, WA 99114.


Here are some photos that went missing from my posts previously this year. You will find that other photos have been restored to their proper locations.

Verlen, Sarah, and cousin John Alexander on arrival to our home from a trip to Canada.  John’s lovely wife took the picture.  We had a wonderful time, and they were soon to be on their way home back to Australia.


The Three Muskateers

Dromore Lane

Cunningham Manor in Ireland

John Alexander, my cousin in Australia


Posted by Sarah Alexander Culton with the consent of my dear cousin, Rosa: 

   Thanks Sarah, you are a jewel, Rosa

   Dear Cousin Sarah, you are so kind to share your   information  with me.  Thanks ever so much.  Love, Rosa

   Dear Sarah, you are most kind and I dearly appreciate all you have done.  May God bless you, Rosa

   Dear Sarah, how nice to hear from you again.  Thanks for the updates.  Looks like you have been busy.  It is so kind of you to share your research.  You are a lady after my own heart.  Best wishs, Rosa


Needless to say, all of Rosa’s compliments for me, I hereby return to her — what a lovely lady!




Subject: Father Allen Alexander and sons Gabriel, James, and William on 1790 census for Iredell Co. NC

Iredell County Census of 1790
No Author
Volume 26, Pages 648-663

——————– page 648 ——————–
County, City, Town, Parish, Hundred, Etc. NAMES OF HEADS OF FAMILIES.
Free white males of sixteen years and upwards, including heads of families.
Free white males under sixteen years. Free white females, including heads of
families. All other free persons. Slaves
Gabriel Alexander 2 3 5 .. ..
James Alexander 2 2 6 .. ..
Allen Alexander 3 4 1 .. 9

Wm. Alexander 2 3 5 .. ..

Subject: Allen Alexander on 1790 census for Iredell Co.
a.. Iredell Co. – Allen Alexander (p.156: 3,4,1), Ebenezer Alexander (p.156:
1,0,3), Gabriel Alexander (p.156: 2,3,5), James Alexander (p.156: 2,2,6),
William Alexander (p.156: 2,3,5).

1790 North Carolina Census

Subject: Allen Alexander’s property in Iradell County
Elks Shoals Creek Settlement was settled as early as 1751. John and William
Ireland, Andrew Morrison, Allen Alexander, William Morrison, and William
McKnight had proprietary land grants from the Earl of Granville. The Earl of
Granville died January, 1763.


1st column – Heads of families

2nd column – # Free white males 16 year upwards & head of families

3rd column – # Free white males under 16 years

4th celumn – # Free white females & head of families

5th column – # All other free persons

6th column – # Slaves

Allen Alexander           3       4       1       ..     9

Well, good people, this is it for now, except to say that  the  Allen Alexander, born in 1737, into the family of John Alexander, Sr. and his wife Jane Hunter, became known as Allen Ulysses Alexander, who married Nancy Murdock.

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This is Sarah again with some vital information:

I am posting this message now to call attention to the fact that present family records indicate that Allen Ulysses Alexander was born in 1731.  However, as has often times occured, this undoubtedly was a common error which occured back in early times, when one number was mistaken for another. 

In this situation,  a correct ”7″ was mistakenly read as an incorect “1″.  In other words, it makes reasonable sense that the first Allen or Allen Ulysses Alexander was born  in 1737, and NOT in 1731.   This would place him as one of the children born early in the marriage of John Alesander, Sr. and his wife, Jane Hunter.  Also. this fills in a missing name, which could not be read in the Family Bible of John Alexander, Sr. and his wife, Jane Hunter.  (ALEXANDER NOTEBOOKS by ALLVAH  STAFFORD, Pages 285 and 288)

Sincerely, Sarah

Dr. Sarah Alexander Culton





In Colonial America, the eldest son inherited his father’s entire estate.   He was usually given his father’s name so as to avoid any trouble should his father die without having made a will.  As time went by, a father could give all his children the same middle name, which meant that he wanted all of his children to inherit a part of his estate.

Therefore, (1) ALLEN ALEXANDER, who was the son of (2) John Alexander, Sr., son of (3) David Alexander, the weaver, son of (4) James the weaver, did just what he believed was right!   ALLEN ALEXANDER followed the law by naming his first son, ALLEN, after himself, which may have included  ULYSSES as his middle name.  Anyway he used the middle name of  ULYSSES  for all of his children, to insure that theywould inherit a part of his estate. Therefore, his two known sons, ALLEN ULYSSES ALEXANDER and JAMES ULYSSES ALEXANDER were protected by law! 

In closing, I wish to say that apparently there is NO evidence that anyone, I mean, absolutely NO person seems to have understood the “law of the land” at that time, and confusion has built up over time.  I say, “It’s about time to see the light!”  In other words, anytime we see successive middle names, it means that the recipients are siblings, and are NOT “fathers and sons”

I have proof, and I am going to stand firm!”  The rest of my proof will follow shortly.

Dr. Sarah Alexander Culton


Hello from Sarah again !!

My Source:


It was here that I found significant information regarding John Alexander, Sr. (son of David Alexander The Weaver) and his family.

Page 285:

An old family Bible owned by A. Y. Neal, of Iredell County, N.C.,contains
much valuable information. Fortunately, it was concluded that the Bible had belonged to John Alexander, Sr. First of all, the Bible records were investigated by a team of highly qualified individuals and studied for everything they had to offer, about John Alexander, Sr., and his family.

In regards to the old Bible, it is apparent that these records have been further deciphered, and that the wife of the owner of the Bible, has been distinguished. She married in 1736, and her first child was born in 1737

Page 288:

Regarding “Bible John”:

John Alexander, born circa 1712; died ——–; married, 1735, Jane Hunter.

Now folks, please get this! John and Jane had at least ten (10) children. Six or seven (6 or 7) of them were born before 1749, when the “mass migration” of Alexander’s to North Carolina took place!

Here’s one more for you! The first indication of the reality that one of their middle children was named ALLEN ALEXANDER, and by the way, this has become confirmed, and this ALLEN ALEXANDER is the father of ALLEN ULYSSES ALEXANDER!

More to follow!


Dr. Sarah Alexander Culton


This is Sarah Alexander Culton again, and this is the last of the significant data, which I found on Mary Maxwell: Genealogy by Martha:

Of the original Alexander’s of the New Munster” purchase, David
sold to John Alexander of Chester county, Pa.  David himself removed to Chester county and died there after which his widow married a Mr. Dobbins and removed with her husband to the Cape Fear river, NC where her daughter Anne Alexander married Gilbert Clark, the first elder of the first Presbyterian church which was gathered in that region under the ministry of the Rev. Mr. Campbell in 1765. Several other Alexander families removed from Chester County to North Carolina with Dobbins and his wife and settled in Mecklenburg county. This was in 1749.
My next message will have much more information about John Alexander, who  migrated to North Carolina .


Hello again!

I am Sarah Culton, and I am back on the job again!

For any of you folks who descend from Allen Ulysses Alexander, who may be looking for their ancestors, here may be a good start for you.  Then I plan to follow on down through David, John, Allen, to Allen Ulysses Alexander!

Mary Maxwell: Genealogy by Martha
that James Alexander the weaver, transported to Somerset in 1678.(Tompkins). … Mary and David are other children now known as children of James the weaver.


From “Alexander Kin” who are primarily concerned with the
descendants of James the weaver we learn the following about James (pg
8,9): They had not connected our David to this line. “One source says
that James Alexander the weaver, transported to Somerset in
1678.(Tompkins). James Alexander disappears from the records about
1740. His wife must have died before 1714. James’s children were:
Moses, James Jr, David and Mary. James Jr. was on the rent roll in New
Munster in 1738. Moses’ wife was Mary. (Wallace?) Deed book 5 p 97
Cecil Co Md. dated April 1 1735 records: “James Alexander and son
Moses and Mary wife of ye said Moses” selling part of their New
Munster tract to William Sample of Chester Co.Pa. Pg. 235 of same
book: James Alexander gentleman of Milford Hundred, New Munster,
releases to his son Moses the remainder of the tract jointly purchased
by them from Thomas Stevenson.” Mary and David are other children now known as children of James the weaver. Moses was born about 1690 in Cecil Co. Md d. 1762 in Cecil Co. Wife, Mary d. Oct 25 1758, tombstone
in Head of Christiana Church cemetery. * Still stands and is
celebrating it’s 300 year anniversary.

I hope this is helpful information.


Sarah Alexander Culton